We are an international group of collaborators that brings subject-matter expertise, multimedia service knowledge, and high-quality production capabilities.

Photo of Anke

Anke Audenaert

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Rebecca

Rebecca Wolpinsky

Co-founder & COO

Photo of Josh

Josh Wolpinsky

Director of Operations

Photo of Eileen

Eileen Doll

Senior Program Director

Photo of Nathan

Nathan Alvarado-Wolpinsky

Development Coordinator

Photo of Bart

Bart Arconti

Development Coordinator

Photo of Megan

Megan Do

Content Writer

Photo of Kyle

Kyle Doan


Photo of Cameron

Cameron Dodd

Curriculum Writer

Photo of George

George Eliopoulos

Junior Designer

Photo of Neil

Neil Jacobsen

Curriculum Developer

Photo of Jeff

Jeff Jen

Junior Designer

Photo of Grace

Grace Kim

Content Coordinator

Photo of Jon

Jon Kunitsky

Content Coordinator

Photo of Yoonah

Yoonah Lee


Photo of Caitlin

Caitlin Rose

Junior Project Manager

Photo of Sophia

Sophia Salazar

Content Writer

Photo of Kate

Kate Spence

Experience Coordinator

Photo of Alexander

Alexander Wallace

Development Coordinator

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