Aptly® is an award-winning creator and producer of online education programs that help learners and businesses navigate digital disruption.

Aptly co-founders Anke Audenaert and Rebecca Wolpinsky

Founders Anke Audenaert and Rebecca Wolpinsky are digital marketing experts and veterans of the online learning industry. Their deep knowledge helps Aptly identify and fill the gaps for high-quality, digital-first programs with a practical learning approach.  

Aptly programs focus on topics at the intersection of technology and business—including digital marketing, analytics, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. Courses include hands-on instruction of current industry tools and virtual support communities that underscore the immediate job relevance of the content. Through successful partnerships with global brands, Aptly's programs have earned widespread recognition and attracted millions of learners worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Aptly’s team delivers subject-matter expertise, multimedia service knowledge, and high-quality production capabilities.

Anke Audenaert Headshot
Anke Audenaert

Co-founder & CEO

Rebecca Wolpinsky Headshot
Rebecca Wolpinsky

Co-founder & COO

Josh Wolpinsky Headshot
Josh Wolpinsky

Senior Director of Instructional Development

Eileen Doll Headshot
Eileen Doll

Senior Director of Program Development

Bart Arconti Headshot
Bart Arconti

Manager, Learning Systems Development

Caitlin Rose Headshot
Caitlin Rose

Program Manager

Brandi Robinson Headshot
Brandi Robinson

Instructional Designer

Neil Jacobsen Headshot
Neil Jacobsen

Curriculum Writer

Sunni Potach Headshot
Sunni Potach

Junior Project Manager

Anne Lewis Headshot
Anne Lewis

Forum Moderation Team Lead

George Eliopoulos Headshot
George Eliopoulos

Digital Designer

Maria Sol Marasco Headshot
Maria Sol Marasco

Graphic Designer

Alex Wallace Headshot
Alex Wallace

Systems Coordinator

Tom Bishop Headshot
Tom Bishop

IT & Development

Mora Habib Headshot
Mora Habib

People Operations Coordinator

Kristen Wesemann Headshot
Kristen Wesemann

Content Creator

Rocio Pazos Headshot
Rocio Pazos

Video Editor

Miranda Lopez Durnbeck Headshot
Miranda Durnbeck

Graphic Designer

Pablo Rodriguez Headshot
Pablo Rodriguez

After Effects Producer

Vicki-Lee White Headshot
Vicki-Lee White

Content Creator

Macarena Nieto Headshot
Macarena Nieto

After Effects Producer

Agustin Filipuzzi Headshot
Agustin Filipuzzi

Video Editor

Natalia Juarez Headshot
Natalia Juarez

Graphic Designer

Sofia Mateus Headshot
Sofia Mateus

Graphic Designer

Pilar Lacruz Headshot
Pilar Lacruz

Community Moderator

Camila Cremades Headshot
Camila Cremades

Community Moderator

Natalia D'Amico Headshot
Natalia D'Amico

Community Moderator