AI + Marketing: A Flurry of New Features

AI + Marketing: A Flurry of New Features

Rebecca Wolpinsky Rebecca Wolpinsky
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In the last several months, digital marketers have seen a flurry of activity and announcements touting new features—with a big emphasis on AI. For instance, marketers can test out the recently released Gemini from Google to develop written content, while Dall-E 3, from OpenAI, integrates ChatGPT to produce images from text prompts. 

And new features abound within social media platforms as well. Meta now offers AI background generation, image expansion, and text variations within its Ads Manager. LinkedIn implemented Accelerate, an AI-powered B2B marketing tool, while YouTube is testing features that offer video outline drafts and language dubbing. And TikTok launched tools to help creators label AI-generated content. 

For digital marketers, these rapidly advancing features present two sides of the same coin. The opportunities are tremendous—faster content creation, greater personalization in messaging, enhanced targeting options, and more accessible outputs. But the challenges are equal. A commonly cited challenge is transparency and ethical use—and these are very legitimate concerns that are being monitored and addressed by entities worldwide. But another challenge is the persistent need for knowledge. 

The principle concepts of marketing remain—we must understand our product, and our customers, to effectively persuade them to take action. But the tactics and tools have evolved significantly. Effective digital marketers must make time to stay abreast of available features and technologies to make informed decisions about which will best suit their purposes. Frequent, relevant, and up-to-date training is necessary to maximize our marketing efforts. 

Aptly understands the value of hands-on practice with industry-relevant tools. Our courses support working professionals with practical knowledge, in a virtual setting that is accessible whenever and wherever they have time. Topics emphasize the intersection of technology and business—including digital marketing, analytics, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. 

As my friend and colleague Anke Audenaert recently wrote, “digital marketing is a fascinating field,” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a profession that blends a wide variety of talents and interests and the evolution of technology creates new and exciting opportunities all the time. 

At Aptly, we are proud to serve learners in this space and are also curious as we expand our offerings: Which platforms and technologies make you perplexed or excited? 

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